• Cultivation of Lawns (E0003TURF) - Frank, Kevin

    Kevin Frank| Soil compaction, soil layering and excessive thatch buildup are common problems on home lawns in Michigan.

  • Gardening in Michigan - Corp, Sean

  • Home Lawn and Garden Soil Test Self-Mailer (E3154) - Stuever, Beth

    Bindu Bhakta, Allen Krizek, Kevin Frank, Jeremy Lounds, Mary Wilson, Rebecca Finneran, Jon Dahl, Mark Longstroth, and Bert Cregg | Whether you are concerned with contamination from lead or other materials in your soil, or just want to avoid overfertilization. This kit comes complete with everything you'll need to submit a soil sample for testing to the MSU Soils Laboratory.

  • Irrigation Practices to Preserve Water Quality (E0009TURF) - Frank, Kevin

    G.T. Lyman, P.E. Rieke, and J.M. Vargas Jr | Watering the lawn is a necessary activity for many homeowners who desire a high quality turf. When done correctly, irrigating turf will ensure better density and growth that allows the turf to compete more effectively with weeds and to reduce other pest pr

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    R. N. Calhoun

  • Weather - Drought - Pratt, Mindy

    | The MSU Extension Weather – Drought resource page provides timely information to agricultural producers as weather conditions impact their operation.