Pork Quarterly

2017 Pork Quarterly

2017 Volume 22.2

Your Greatest Assets: Teams and Ideal Players
Labor Considerations
Where will you find the necessary LABOR for our growing industry?
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2017 Volume 22.1

All Abut the Ladies
MSU Teams Focus on Pig Aggression
Improving Genetic Selection
Critical Determinants of the First and Future Lactations
Refining Lactation Diets

2016 Pork Quarterly

2016 Volume 21.4

Best Odds - Success in meeting the requirements of CSIA stars with PQA Assessments
Extra-label use for pain management in pigs
Positive Pig Handling
Statewide Winter and Spring Programs

2016 Volume 21.3
Animal Caretaker Observations
Emergency response to manure spills - Are you prepared? - Part 3
The Future of Swine Castration in the United States - Part 2

2016 Volume 21.2

Animal Caretaker Daily Duties
Emergency response to manure spills - Are you prepared? - Part 2
The Future of Swine Castration in the United States

2016 Volume 21.1

Dave Van Walleghem has declared WAR! - Wipe out All Rodents
Emergency response to manure spills - Are you prepared? - Part 1
Dr. Sarah H. Ison: New to MSU Pork Extension

2015 Pork Quarterly

2015 Volume 20.2

Measuring Manure Freeboard Using a Laser Measure
Rest Duration for Market Hogs
Do H2S Monitors Belong on a Swine Farm?

2015 Volume 20.1

Stockpersons and the Humane Euthanasia of Swine
Contemporary Market Weights
AHP Disinfectant to Inactivate PEDv in Swine Feces

2014 Pork Quarterly

2014 Volume 19.2

Day-to-Day Management of GGroup-HousedGestating Sows
Measuring Manure Depth in the PED Era
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2014 Volume 19.1

DDGS, Housing, and Breeding Herd Performance
A Transporter’s Perspective
The Effect of Stockpeople on Pigs
Group Sow Housing – More Space or Less Sows?
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2013 Pork Quarterly

2013 Volume 18.3

Identification of the Sick or Compromised Pig
Group Sow Housing – Decisions to Consider
Will attended farrowings help increase your bottom-line?
Reducing the Risks Associated with Winter Manure Application

2013 Volume 18.2

Inclusion of Additional Alternative Feedstuffs in Swine Diets Show no Improvement in Carcass Fat Quality of Pigs

2013 Volume 18.1

Reduced nighttime temperatures in pig nurseries
Considering Housing Gestating Sows in Groups?
Transitioning Quality Pigs from the Sow to the Nursery Phase
Swine Influenza Virus


2012 Pork Quarterly

2012 Volume 17.2

Wound Score Comparison among Gestating Sows
What is Manure Worth? Priceless
West Michigan PRRS ARC Project
Gilt Reproductive Management Improves Sows Lifetime Productivity
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2012 Volume 17.1 

Split Marketing Finishing Pigs
Right to Farm: Site Selection for Livestock Operations
A Webinar Series on Climate, Water and Agriculture
How About Some Gelatin in Your Semen


2011 Pork Quarterly

2011 Volume 16.2

High Imput Costs and Market Weights
Pork Fat Quality, Iodine Values and Feeding DDGS
Live Swine Carbon Footprint Calculator is now Available for Pork Producers
Time for a Biosecurity Tune Up

2011 Volume 16.1

West Michigan PRRS Area Regional Control Project Update
What is Reactive N and Why Should I Care?
Can You Extend the Length of Gestation?
Review of Local Disasters: Motivation to Prepare
Time-to-Suckle in Cross-Fostered Piglets


2010 Pork Quarterly

2010 Volume 15.3

Trailer Design, Loading and Unloading Market Hogs
Swine Management Program in the Institute of Agricultural Technology Accepting Applicants
Announcing MSUE Pork Team State Wide Winter and Spring Programs!

2010 Volume 15.2

Evaluation of Three Commercial Mycotoxin Inhibitors Added to Vomitoxin Contaminated Corn Diets for Weanling Pigs
Swine Jobs School—Fall 2010
Fall Stalk Nitrate Tests
Not Wanted=Feral Swine in Michigan
Group Sow Housing Focus Groups—Initial Results

2010 Volume 15.1

PRRS Regional Elimination Project—Michigan
Developing an Emergency Response Plan for Your Livestock Facility
Let’s Talk Animals!
Swine Management Program in the Institute of Agricultural Technology accepting Applicants
Fetal Programming—Can it impact pork production?
Share Your Ideas for Advancing Michigan


2009 Pork Quarterly

2009 Volume 14.4

Feeding 2009 Corn
Regional PRRS Eradication Program
Sow Housing Focus Groups: Your Opportunity to Shape the Future!
Swine Jobs School Fall 2009 Graduates
Announcing MSU Extension Pork Team State Wide Winter and Spring Programs!

2009 Volume 14.3

Proper Disposal of Dead Animals on Michigan Farms
Production Efficiency of Specialized Swine Producers
A Review of Biosecurity Methods
Forum Announcing MSU Pork Team State Wide Winter & Spring Programs
Can You Score Body Condition?

2009 Volume 14.2

Agricultural Labor Issues in Michigan
Pork Demand Determinants
PRRS Regional Eradication-Updates
Forum Discusses Swine Handling and Transport
Swine Jobs School-Providing Skilled Technicians for Michigan’s Pork Industry
Don’t Run Off Before Learning About Runoff at Ag Expo

2009 Volume 14.1

USDA Surveillance of Animal Handling at Auction and Processing Facilities
Environmental Stewardship of Dairy Producers in MAEAP
How Much “Root Zone” is Needed for Livestock Nutrients
Swine Management Program in the Institute of Agricultural Technology Accepting Applicants
Carbon Market Opportunities for Agriculture
PRRS Regional Elimination Project-Michigan
At What Age Should Gilts be Exposed to Boars?


2008 Pork Quarterly

2008 Volume 13.4

PRRS Regional Elimination Project-Michigan
More on Euthanasia
U.S. Resident Support for Gestation Crate Barns
Sow Herd Removals
Pork Bridge
Winter Transportation of Market Hogs
Effective Communication
Winter and Spring Programs
One Day Seminar Teaches Farmers How to Make the Most Out of Their Manure

2008 Volume 13.3

Corn Prices and Pork Exports Key for 2009
Vegetative Treatment of Compost Site Runoff
Winter Programs Schedule
Large vs. Small Pen Groups in Finishing
Using Carbon Dioxide to Euthanize Young Pigs

2008 Volume 13.2

Michigan Producer Perceptions of Gestation Stall Pressures
Michigan Consumer Gestation Stall Perceptions and Preferences
Important Update on Pseudorabies in Michigan
Cash Flow Demands with Seven Dollar Corn
Thinking About Genetic Costs?
Hog Enterprise Price Analysis Excel Tool

2008 Volume 13.1

Sow Management: How Many Litters/Sow Should I be Targeting?
Handling and Transportation for Swine Producers 
Hernias in Growing Pigs
Swine Management Program in the Institute of Agricultural Technology Accepting Applications  


2007 Pork Quarterly

2007 Volume 12.4

Antibiotics in the Environment and Antibiotic Resistance
Electronic Identification in Traceable Systems
Lactating Sow Management for Improved Litter Performance and Rebreeding Efficiency
PQA Plus Certification Sessions

2007 Volume 12.3

Diet Mixing and Pig Performance
Cull Sow Feeding Programs
Consider Needle-Free Injection Systems
Managing the Sow and Gilt Estrous Cycle
MSUE Pork Team Winter and Spring Programs

2007 Volume 12.2

Economic Impacts of Swine Operations
Splaylegs in Pigs
Gestating Sows in Hoops: Can it Work?
Swine 2006 Small Enterprise Study
Alternative Sow Housing Conference on the Horizon

2007 Volume 12.1

Inclusion of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) in Swine Rations
Estimating Farm Labor Needs 
Simple Ideas to Improve Sow Longevity
PQA Plus: Not Your Grandfather’s PQ 


2006 Pork Quarterly

2006 Volume 11.4

Proposed Mortality Composting Methods for Michigan 
Niche Pork Producers Conference

2006 Volume 11.3

Fueling Hog Barns with Corn 
How Clean is Clean?
Announcing Pork Team State-Wide Winter Programs
Shoulder Lesions on Sows

2006 Volume 11.2

Managment strategies to improve finishing pig performance during “HOT” weather
Oxytocin: Management Tool or Obstacle? 
Thinking About Space?

2006 Volume 11.1

Loading and Transportation Management of Market Hogs 
The Case Against Evening-Up Litters Until Weaning 
Green and White Show Meat Quality Evaluation, 2005-2006
Valuing the Nitrogen in Manure 
Pork Team Welcomes New MSU Assistant Swine Farm Manager 


2005 Pork Quarterly

2005 Volume 10.4

Thorn Apple Valley Revisited
Niche Pork Producers Conference
Odor: Give Your Neighbors a Break-A Windbreak
Sorting through Non-Productive Days
Water Intake and Water Wastage by Growing-Finishing Pigs

2005 Volume 10.3

They say it couldn’t be done: Reducing Manure Application Rates
Process Waste Water and Swine Farms
Water Management in Swine Facilities
Sow Retention and Ways it May be Improved

2005 Volume 10.2

Phosphorous Mass Balance on Swine Breeding Herd Farms
Water Specifications for Artifical Insemination for Swine
Importance of Boar Exposure in Heat Detection
Spartans Honored in NATIONAL HOG FARMERS

2005 Volume 10.1

What Producers Need to Know About the EPA Air Consent Agreement
Are small butcher shops…..important?
Green and White Show Meat Quality Evaluation
Withholding Feed from Pigs during the Marketing Period
Proper Care of Syringes
Beth Franz New Swine Extension Educator 


2004 Pork Quarterly

2004 Volume 9.4

Paylean: The Facts, Feeding and Influences on Performance 
Hospital Corner: Lumps on Pigs 
Closed Breeding Systems

2004 Volume 9.2

Water Use Reporting & Methods of Estimating Water Use for Swine Operations 
Animal Identification in the Pork Industry 
Evaluating Distiller’s Dried Grains with Solubles 
Feeding Phytase to the Breeding Herd to Manage Phosphorus

2004 Volume 9.1

Genetic Control of Abnormalities
Clipping Pigs for Show
Swine Team Electronic Update


2003 Pork Quarterly

2003 Volume 8.4

MAEAP “Progressive Planning” 
How Warm for Weaned Pigs? 
Michigan State University Extension 
New AoE Swine Agent

2003 Volume 8.3

Organic Better Than Conventionally Raised Pork? 
Do You Pollute? 
Seminal Plasma Repairs Colling Inducted Membrane Changes in Boar Semen 
MSU Swine Team Prepares for SWAP

2003 Volume 8.2

Understanding Livestock Odors 
Evaluation of Hydrocolloid Ingredients as Purge Controllers 
Pork 101 
MSU Extension Contact Names and Map

2003 Volume 8.1

Manure Production Records to Meet “GAAMP” Guidelines 
Pig Survival is Important! 
Sows Fertility to AI at a Gonadotropin-Induced Estrus and Ovulation 
Breeding Management Workshop Registration 


2002 Pork Quarterly

2002 Volume 7.4

Manure Production Records to Meet “GAAMP” Guidlines 
Pig Survival is Important! 
Sows Fertility to AI at a Gonadotropin-Induced Estrus and Ovulation 
Breeding Management Workshop Registration

2002 Volume 7.3

Proper on Farm Needle Handling Procedures
Using Records to Investigate a Farrowing Rate Problem
Supplementing Vitamin C Through the Drinking Water
Major Genes in Your Seedstock. Fad or Fashion?
Breeding Management Workshops Announcement

2002 Volume 7.2

Beyond the Hogs and Pigs Report
Improving Fertility of Artificially Inseminated Cows
Update - Antibiotic Resistance and Use of Antibiotics in Livestock
Pork Industry Outlook - Summer 2002
2nd Annual Mid-West Swine Nutrition Conference 


2001 Pork Quarterly

2001 Volume 6.3

What Level of Manure Management is Right for You? 
Using Boars for Estrous Stimulation and Detection 
MSUMN A Management Tool to Assist Michigan Crop/Livestock Producers
Gilt Management: Minimizing and Managing the Entry-to-Service Interval 
Hog and Pork Outlook - 2001 and Beyond 
MSU Feed Mill Renovation

2001 Volume 6.2

Transferring the Family Swine Farm Business to the Next Generation 
Farm Medication Plan
Quality Assurance 
Farm Medication Plan 
Vaccinationand Management Schedule 
LivestockWelfare Regulations? The Time is Now! 
The Frequency of the Porcine Stress Gene in Texas Show Pigs

2001 Volume 6.1

Thomapple Valley’s Closure: What Did it Mean for Our Basis 
Controlling Flour Moths in Gestation .Bams 
Foot and Mouth Disease 
TheNapoleGene- Friendor Foe 
Paylean - Does It Interact With Genetics? 
Effect of Nutritional Level While Feeding Paylean to Late-FinishingSwine
Cash or Accrual Income 
Manure Management Tools Available on the Web 


2000 Pork Quarterly

2000 Volume 5.4

Right to Farm Amendments
Tips for Sampling Manure 
Manure Testing Laboratories
Michigan Swine Youth Challenge 2001
Heterosis: A Forgotten Subject?
Water: The Forgotten Element
What’s With My Wei?

2000 Volume 5.3

More Pigs on the Way!
Environmental Update
Manure Sampling and Nutrient Analysis 
Managers Still Needed 
Hormonal Therapy for Sows Winter During Fall and Winter

2000 Volume 5.2

Fanner-Owned Packing Plants
New Study Finds Following GAAMPs Reduces Soil Phosphorus Levels
How Does Heat Stress Affect Sow Perfonnance During Lactation?
Effect of Wean- to-Finish Management on Pig Perfonnance 
Alternative Feedstuffs
Effects of Group Size, Floor space on Pigs Evaluated
Michigan Pork Producer Ontario Tour

2000 Volume 5.1

Michigan Swine Youth Challenge 
Ractopamine Alternative 
Get ready for summer, NOW 
Number of teats in a pig 
Electronic swine news updates 


1999 Pork Quarterly

1999 Volume 4.4

Comparison of Early Wean Feeders. 
Y2K Farm Preparedness 
Computer Y2K Compliance 
Backflow During AI 
Electronic Swine News UpdatesYouth Ed. Fair
“Green & White” Youth Activities 
1998 Swine Business Summaries 
98 ISU Swine Business Record 
98 MSU Swine Farm Analysis 
Youth Ed. Fair

1999 Volume 4.3

Compliance Audit Program (CAP)
Iowa Farm Financial Summary for 98
Connecting to a Standby Generator
Manure Tour
New Swine Agent in North Central MI
Life Cycle of a Hog Cycle
Pig Champ 98 
Crystalline Amino Acids 
Summary Report 
Artificial Insemination School

1999 Volume 4.2

Biosecurity in Swine Operations 
Do You Have Fannworkers?
What’s Your Financial IQ? 
Youth Pork Quality Assurance 
Sucrose and Molasses 
Packers Within the Region
Youth Livestock Fitting Camp 


1998 Pork Quarterly

1998 Volume 3.4

Is It Time to Start Thinking About Long-Term Marketing Contracts?
Telfarm Courtesy Fee For New Microtel Clients 
Can You Cut Genetic Costs? 
Stages Updated
Tax Management Tips For Farmers

1998 Volume 3.3

Keeping Swine Business in Perspective with Low Hog Prices
The On-Farn Odor/Environmental Assistance Program
Packers Within the Region 
AreYou In Compliance with Federal Feed Labeling Laws?

1998 Volume 3.2

MPPA Pork Quality Taste Test Results
MPPA Pork Quality Taste Test Tables 
PigCHAMP Software update 
Spartan Classic-Prospect Pig & Market Hog Show
Kill Sheet Lingo 
White Terminal Sires??? 
The Value Chain 
Environmental Assurance on the Farm
Where’s the Plan?

1998 Volume 3.1

The 1997 Michigan Genetic Improvement Program
Who Cares About Pork Quality? 
Youth Show Operations Guidelines 
The Limited Liability Corporation (L.L.C)
Utilizing a Consultant 
Environmental Assurance Program
Pigs For Sale…How to Get Your Farm Listed
Pork Quality Assurance Pilot Project in Michigan 

1997 Pork Quarterly

1997 Volume 2.3

Expanding the Use of Swine Production Records
News from the Environmental Front
Check Market Pigs Weights This Fall
Employee Motivation 
New Swine Extension Agent in Central Michigan
Annual Business Analysis: Essential for Pork Producers
Thinking Back of Last Winter and Looking Ahead to the Next: Adjusting the
Nutrient Requirements of Grow/Finish Hogs in Colder Environments
The World Wide Web

1997 Volume 2.2

Managing Odor Problems on the Farm
Family Sportsmanship 
MGIP for 1997 
Welcome New Swine AoE Agent in South West Michigan
Swine Industry Day 
Alternative Swine Housing Structures-Hoops
USDA Projects Increases in Pork Production in ‘98
The Web 
What Does the Future Hold?
Zinc Supplemantation Promotes Growth in the Nursery-Even TGE Infected Pigs
Update Swine Health Issues
Choosing Sires to Produce Commercial Replacement Gilts

1997 Volume 2.1

Adopting the Latest Technology
Incoming Seedstock Biosecurity
Pork 101 is on the Way!
Managing Odor Problems on the Farm
More on Manure Nutrient Balance-Phosphorus 
It’s Coming Soon! 
Troubleshooting Ventilation
The 1996 MI Genetic Improvement Program 
Comparison Shopping-What are Production Costs in Iowa 

1996 Pork Quarterly

1996 Volume 1.3

Site Selection-The Critical Decision
MSU Telfarm Business Information System
Your Image Says It All 
Artificial Insemination…A Revised Comparison
Processing Swine Diets 
Financial Performance on Michigan Swine Farms
Mycoplasmal Pneumonia of Swine