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Michigan’s natural resources – water, forests, fisheries and wildlife – are economic drivers and important factors in our quality of life. Michigan State University Extension programs improve public understanding and knowledge of our state’s natural resources, helps landowners and communities use those assets for sustainable long-term social and economic development, conserves our natural resources base for future generations, and broadens stakeholder engagement in natural resources decision making.

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  • Restoring the shore and fish habitat in Michigan inland lakes: Part 2

    December 24, 2014 | Jane Herbert | Research from 16 Michigan lakes assesses the importance of vegetation and natural shorelines for increased largemouth bass populations.

  • Great Lakes Education Program fosters love of science, students report

    December 23, 2014 | Steve Stewart | Student evaluations of the 2014 Great Lakes Education Program show students loving science.

  • Considerations when cooking venison

    December 23, 2014 | Jeannine Schweihofer | Properly store and cook venison to maximize eating experience.

  • Eat your invasives

    December 23, 2014 | Beth Clawson | Harvesting and eating invasive plants may add a new dimension to “local foods.” Many invasive plants and animals started out as old world food that escaped from colonial gardens.

  • Grower input needed for spotted wing Drosophila survey

    December 22, 2014 | Rufus Isaacs | Information gathered from this survey will help entomologists measure the impact of spotted wing Drosophila on agricultural production and will be used to prioritize research, Extension and education activities for SWD.

  • Putting a value on trees can be more difficult than you might think

    December 15, 2014 | Mike Schira | Assessing a particular trees value can entail much more than simply its value for pulp, logs or firewood. Aesthetics, wildlife value and additional factors other than simply how much the wood is worth can add value to forestland trees and shrubs.

  • Dead trees have value, too!

    December 12, 2014 | Mike Schira | Leaving dead and dying trees in a forest ecosystem can have positive benefits.

  • Firewood as fuel

    December 5, 2014 | Bill Cook | Firewood is the oldest source of fuel for heating. For many, it remains the optimum choice for personal use. Well-seasoned wood can be an excellent financial and environmental choice.

  • Alien observations

    December 5, 2014 | Bill Cook | A slowly degrading quality of life and sense of place may not be perceived by those who cannot read the landscape and see the signs.

  • Great Lakes migrants: More than just salmon

    December 5, 2014 | Dan O'Keefe | The fall salmon run is a powerful reminder that backyard creeks and streams are connected to the Great Lakes. Salmon are one of many fish that move between habitat types.

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