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Getting Started

Hops are an essential ingredient in beer production. The female flower “cones” of the hop plant contain lupulin glands with compounds important to the brewing process. These compounds—alpha acids, beta acids, and essential oils—contribute to beer’s bitterness and aroma. Recent hop shortages, the growing appeal of specialty beers, and the desire for organic and locally sourced agricultural products have resulted in increasing interest in local hop production among farmers, brewers, and hobbyists. Continue reading more about sustainable hop production in the Great Lakes region, MI_Hops_cost_of_production_Bulletin-E3236.pdf or take a virtual introduction into the hop industry.

Use the resources listed below to help you get started with your hop production.

Hopyard construction

Photo: J Robert Sirrine


Photo: J Robert Sirrine


Organic hops production

Organic hops production in the United States is finding a niche among the growing number of microbreweries that currently purchase organic hops from New Zealand and China. The links below look at cultural requirements for organic hops, hops varieties, and recent research. They also provide a list of further hops resources.