FIRM (Farm Information Resources Management) Workgroup


Our mission is to assist farmers, agriculturally‑related businesses, industries, families, and individuals improve their lives and achieve their goals through an educational process that applies management, production and economic knowledge to critical issues, needs, and opportunities.


We strive to integrate management skills and principals into the daily operations of farms and firms along with the programs provided by MSU Extension.  To be an important part and a valued information resource providing tools vital to the continued growth of Michigan Agriculture as a leading industry in the state.  

  • To be engaged
  • To embrace technologies
  • To grow both the quality and quantity of management related educational programs and resources.


  1. Knowledge‑based unbiased information that is accurate, practical, timely, and available.
  2. Honesty and integrity.
  3. Helpful.
  4. Integration of knowledge for problem solving in situations requiring cutting‑edge, creative alternatives that make a difference.
  5. Balanced approach in using alternative knowledge delivery systems including group meetings, one‑on‑one, and technology based media/ social networking systems.
  6. Teamwork across institutions, agencies, and organizations.
  7. Teamwork across disciplines and industry.
  8. Accountability to clientele including individuals and firms in the farm and agri‑business industry.
  9. Confidentiality to build trust and rapport with clientele including farm and agri‑business industry.
  10. To recognizes the values, beliefs, and uniqueness of each audience.
  11. Learning and continued generation of knowledge to address emerging problems.