Midwest Nut Producers Council


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The mission of the Midwest Nut Producers Council (MNPC) is to enhance the region’s commercial nut industry through education, research and promotion of nuts and the tree species and varieties that bear nuts.

The MNPC was founded in 1992 and is a non-profit organization with bylaws, a president and a board of directors. It is affiliated with Michigan State University.

The goals of MNPC are to promote:

  1. The establishment of nut and certain small fruit tree plantings in the regions.
  2. The best growing practices for nut trees with respect to sustainable agricultural goals when at all possible.
  3. Scientific research in nut tree breeding and culture.
  4. Better production techniques.
  5. Nut and certain small fruit quality.
  6. Marketing in terms of the education of the producer, the retailer and the general public.

Board of directors


  • President: Pete Ivory, Lapeer, MI
  • Treasurer: Bill Nash, Owosso, MI
  • Secretay: Virginia Rinkel
  • Extension Liasion: Erin Lizotte, Cadillac, MI (Wexford County)
  • Faculty Advisor: Dennis Fulbright, East Lansing, MI

Board of Directors

  • Bob Hack, Central Lake, MI
  • Dan Hill, Saginaw, MI
  • Paul Thelen, Berrien Springs, MI