Internal Kernel Breakdown

Important Information Regarding Internal Kernel Breakdown

This is a Game Changer and an Important Discovery

We have recently found that a type of kernel rot, not associated with a mold or insect, is found in about 30% of the nuts from ‘Colossal’ trees when those trees are pollinized by Chinese chestnut.  This had been plaguing the commercial chestnut industry in Michigan and now that its cause has been determined we strongly suggest keep Chinese cultivars from pollinizing ‘Colossal’.  At this time we are not sure if this affliction will show up in all European/Japanese hybrids and if all Chinese chestnuts cause it.  To be safe we suggest keeping European/Japanese hybrid and Korean (Japanese) cultivars 500 to 1000 feet away from sources of Chinese chestnut.

This is not a rot caused by a fungal infection. This is internal kernel breakdown (IKB). This is caused when certain cultivars pollinate other cultivars.  So far, we know that IKB will appear in about 30% of the nuts when Chinese chestnuts pollinize the cultivar ‘Colossal’.  Don’t plant Chinese and European/Japanese hybrids in the same orchards.   


Internal Kernel Breakdown



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