4-H Volunteer Profile: Brooke Lamb

4-H Volunteer Profile: Brooke Lamb

In an effort to highlight the many different volunteer opportunities 4-H has to offer, the 4-H Volunteer Profile series will highlight a few of the many wonderful people who give their time to Michigan 4-H. 

Volunteer name: Brooke Lamb
Location of volunteer service: Cass County
Duration of volunteer service: Three years

What programs do you volunteer with?
I volunteer with the dog and cat program. I also assist as a co-leader of the Drafted! 4-H Club, a club that focuses on dog, cat, rabbit, horse and still project areas.

What is your volunteer role in 4-H?
I am the superintendent of the Dog, Cat and Small Animal Sweepstakes program for the Cass County Fair and assistant key leader of the Drafted! 4-H Club.''

Why did you decide to become a 4-H volunteer?
I have been involved with 4-H since I was four and 4-H was always very important to me. I wanted to help youth grow into great young adults, just like 4-H helped me to do.

What are some of the rewards you have experienced as a 4-H volunteer?
One of the best things is seeing kids work so hard and accomplish their goals. It is amazing to see kids building confidence with their dogs and cats in the project.

What are some of the life skills you teach youth as a 4-H volunteer?
When training animals, youth need patience and dedication to meeting their goals – I help them develop those skills. Youth also learn a lot about responsibility, as that comes naturally when caring for an animal. To help them develop other important life skills, I really try to give youth the opportunity to try things themselves to give them a chance to practice the tasks.

''What is your favorite memory from your 4-H volunteer experience?
During my first year as a superintendent, I was so nervous to be in front of everyone on show day and be in charge for the first time. However, it turned out to be a great experience as I was able to give out our county’s traveling trophy for the highest points achieved. This award is presented in honor of my former leader, whom I respected and loved dearly.  During that first year, I was able to give the award to a young girl I had seen work so hard in the project area and it was very rewarding.

What would you say to someone who was considering becoming a 4-H volunteer?
I would tell potential volunteers the best part of volunteering is the time I spend with the kids learning new ideas and showing them what they can do on their own. During this time, they are also building character and confidence is what we do, and I get to do this all by teaching about something I care about: dogs and cats. How much more fun can you ask for?

Thank you Brooke for your years of service as a 4-H volunteer! Visit the Volunteers page to learn more about becoming a 4-H volunteer yourself or visit the companion animal or horses section to learn more about these project areas.