Varroa Mite Testing Kit (E3253)

Varroa Mite Testing Kit (E3253)

The varroa mite is a devastating pest in honey bee colonies. This kit can be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management strategy to monitor varroa mite levels to determine if your colony is at risk or requires treatment.

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Varroa mites are one of the most significant threats to honey bee health today. Mites multiply quickly and spread bee viruses from bee to bee. The only way to control the deadly effects of viruses is to control the mites. Without proper management, mite-infested colonies have a very high probability of dying. Mites can also spread from colony to colony, on the backs of robbing and drifting bees, within a one-mile radius. That means that if you don’t monitor and manage for mites, you may be putting your neighbors’ bees at risk. In urban areas, horizontal transmission of mites (spreading mites) is an especially big problem.

The Bee Squad is encouraging all beekeepers to monitor their bees for mites. We are marketing a mite testing kit based on the University of Nebraska’s non-destructive testing method called the “powdered sugar roll.” The kit is reusable, and comes with detailed user instructions. The Bee Squad supports regular mite monitoring of your bees throughout the beekeeping season, and managing colonies according to your mite levels.


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