Predicting Harvest Yield in Juice and Wine Grape Vineyards (E3186)

Predicting Harvest Yield in Juice and Wine Grape Vineyards (E3186)

This publication gives many details on how to predict grape production and yield.

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Introduction: Crop Estimation and Vine Growth

Clear and accurate knowledge of vineyard conditions can result in long-term sustainable cultivation of grapes for juice and wine production. These conditions vary due to inconsistent weather from season to season, especially in the eastern viticultural regions of North America. Predicted climate change may increase this variability by triggering increased chances of late spring and early fall frost events; increased and variable summer heat accumulation, known as growing degree days or GDD; and increased frequency of rain events. The future economic survival and success of the grape and wine industries depends on the ability to understand the variability of these conditions and to take them into account while striving to maintain economic yields and continuing to improve fruit quality.


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