Minimizing Pesticide Risk to Bees in Fruit Crops (E3245)

Minimizing Pesticide Risk to Bees in Fruit Crops (E3245)

This publication provides information on the risk of pesticides to bees, and how to minimize these risks to help keep bees healthy in and around fruit farms. It draws on knowledge of bee biology, pesticide action, and farming practices to advise on a series of common-sense practices that growers can follow to reduce pesticide risk to bees. A list of insecticides and fungicides registered for use on fruit crops in the Midwest region provides a risk ranking for each product to allow growers, extension educators, and crop consultants to make informed decisions to support bee populations on farms. With clear photographs and illustrations to highlight key points, this new document will be useful for extension programs, pesticide safety training, and to inform grower practices during crop bloom. This product is available in hard copy or PDF format.

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