Michigan Food Safety Sheets (E3262)

This bulletin represents the 10 bulletins in the Michigan Food Safety Program where a person may buy the 10 bulletins in one pack. In total, there are 65 packets per purchase.

Michigan Food Safety Sheets (E3262)

This packet contains 10 fact sheets to accompany the Eat Healthy Be Active curriculum. Topics designed to complement the nutrition lessons include: Cooking Safely with a Slow Cooker, Handling Take-Out Foods Safely, Thawing Foods Safely, Keeping Foods Safe Before and During Shopping, Keeping Food Safe in the Kitchen, Keeping Foods Out of the Temperature Danger Zone, Enjoying Produce Safely, Handling Leftovers Safely, Solving the Mystery of Food Product Dating and Preventing Potluck Paranoia. Sold in sets of 65 packets.

As HNI staff teach nutrition lessons and utilize Eat Healthy Be Active, they should be sure to include these informative food safety fact sheets to enhance the message of eating healthy and keeping food safe.


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