Jump Into Foods & Fitness: Recommended Websites for Youth

Jiff the Joey created a list of foods and fitness websites that contain games, technology, ideas and fun for young people who enjoy “jumping into foods and fitness”!

Jiff says, “Enjoy playing on the computer, but observe Internet safety guidelines or partner with a family member!” Learn more about safe use of the Internet at the Citizens in Cyberspace site. The CinC site allows visitors to earn passport stamps for the Netiquette, Ethics, Safety and Maze of Copyright CyberIslands.

    • BAM! Body and Mind – Get your health questions answered when you check out BAM! The site was created by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to give 9- to 13-year-olds the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. The site focuses on topics that kids say are important to them – such as stress and physical fitness – using kid-friendly lingo, games, quizzes and other interactive features.
    • Dole 5 a Day: SuperKids – This site includes games, fun facts, songs, surveys and interactive special effects. It is sponsored by Dole Food Company as part of the national “5 A Day for Better Health” campaign.
    • Kidnetic.com – This interactive site features plenty of games and information about foods and fitness. It’s a cool site for kids who like to play hard and have fun. Kidnetic.com lets you tap into your own energy so you can feel great all day long. It is sponsored by the International Food Information Council Foundation.
    • KidsHealth – This jazzy site has facts, games and timely topics for kids. It was created by the Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health Media, and provides families with accurate, up-to-date and jargon-free health information.
    • MyPyramid Blast Off Game – This interactive computer game reinforces the key concepts of MyPyramid for Kids. Reach Planet Power by fueling your rocket with food and physical activity. “Fuel” tanks for each food group help you keep track of how your choices fit into MyPyramid.
    • Nutrition Explorations: Kids – Play games, enter contests, use new recipes and more in the kids’ online kitchen! This site was created by the National Dairy Council. (Note: This site is planning a move in 2011.)
    • Sports Illustrated for Kids – This site is great if you want to know more about sports!
    • USDA for Kids – Participate in a variety of activities related to agriculture, food, natural resources, 4-H, science and more!
    • Youth Zone “Healthy Eating” Section – The Youth Zone, which is created by the American Diabetes Association, has information for kids about smart eating and healthy living with diabetes.

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