Japan Summer Inbound Exchange

HOST an International youth and bring the RICHNESS of the WORLD to your HOME!
July 23 to August 19, 2017

Michigan 4-H International Exchange Program is seeking Michigan families to host Japanese youth for one month during the summer of 2017!   

The Japanese youth (ages 12-16) are coming to Michigan (July 23 to August 19, 2017) as part of a delegation of 30 Japanese youth and adult chaperones participating in the Michigan 4-H Japan Summer Inbound exchange program. This is Michigan’s 43 year partnering with States’ 4-H International and LABO.



Host Families Still Needed!  

The Michigan 4-H International Program is in need of Michigan families to host a Japanese youth for one month this summer. Japanese youth, on the other side of the world, are anxiously waiting to learn who their host family will be! The focus of this exchange program is for host families to share their everyday family life with their Japanese delegate. Special trips and activities are not required.  Previous involvement with 4-H is not required to become a host family.

Who are the Japanese delegates?  

The Japanese youth participating in this exchange program are between the ages of 12 and 16.  They are members of an organization in Japan called LABO, which provides Japanese youth with opportunities to improve their English-language abilities and learn about other cultures through cross-cultural experiences. LABO and 4-H have been partners in this international exchange program since 1972.  Personal Infromation Sheets (PIS) will arrive in February.  The PIS will include the hobbies, interests, photos, and personality traits of the delegates. Host families who complete the application process will have first choice of delegate.  Contact D’Ann Rohrer, State Coordinator.   

What are requirements of host families?

The host family application process includes completing an application, reference and background checks and an in-home interview with a 4-H staff member from Michigan State University Extension or volunteer. During the exchange, host families are not required to participate in any specific activities, although many host families choose to attend some local 4-H events, county fairs or get-togethers with other host families in their area. Host families do not need to be able to speak Japanese in order to host. The Japanese youth may share a bedroom with a child of the same gender, but they do need to have their own bed. Delegates can attend a summer camp (cost covered up to $250, if pre-approved by the State Coordinator) with their host sibling. Host families are expected to provide for their delegate the same things they provide for their own children during the exchange (three meals a day and a seperate bed for the delegate is required). Delegates provide for their own personal expenses and medical insurance is provided through the program.  

What are the benefits of being a host family with the Michigan 4-H International Exchange Program?

Host families increase their cross-cultural and global understanding, broaden family communication skills, make a new friend from another country and have fun while leaning about Japan in your own home!  Host families do not receive monetary compensation for hosting, however, host families are eligle for a $100 scholarship that can be applied to their own children’s outbound travel through States’ 4-H International exchange if they choose to travel as an outbound exchange participant (which is not a requirement of hosting). Host families are provided with pre-program orientation and training and have access to support at anytime during the exchange period by contacting the State Coordinator. Adult Japanese chaperones travel to Michigan with the delegation and are available to help the Japanese youth and host families with any issues or concerns that may arise during the exchange.

How to apply:

Applications are now available and will be accepted until all the Japanese delegates have been matched with host families.Deadline is June 2017. Applications for those interested in becoming host families are available at www.states4hexchange.org. Complete the host family application online and other paperwork will be emailed to you.  Below is a packet which includes complete application instructions and all forms required to submit an application. Families interested in hosting are asked to contact the program coordinator as soon as possible.

For all questions regarding this exchange program, please contact:

D’Ann Rohrer
Extension Educator
Coordinator - Michigan 4-H International Exchange - Japan Summer Inbound Program
Michigan State University Extension
111 S. Main St., Scottville, MI 49454            

Phone: (231) 757-4789       Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Individual forms from application packet:



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