Improving Pastures in Michigan by Frost Seeding (E2185)

Improving Pastures in Michigan by Frost Seeding (E2185)

It is possible that grasses could also be established with this method, but there has been little recent experience or research with grasses in Michigan. Generally, you can winter seed grasses any time after mid-November.

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Frost seeding (sometimes referred to as snow seeding or overseeding) can be used to establish legumes in existing grass pastures, and to improve forage palatability and yield. Frost seeding is not new in Michigan. Many cash crop producers in the Saginaw Valley area have been using this technique for seeding legumes into winter wheat in early spring. The freezing and thawing of the soil, combined with early spring rains, help the germination of the broadcast legume seeds. The key to success with this method is to seed at the proper time and follow up with rotational grazing or mowing to reduce grass competition.

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