Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables (E1696)

Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables (E1696)

Information about home storage of fruits and vegetables.

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Topics covered in this bulletin are Storage as a Food Preservation Method: 1 Source of Produce; Food Preservation Methods - Freezing, Canning, Drying, Storage; The Best Conditions for Storage, 2 Outdoor Storages: In-Garden Storages; Surface Storages; Trench Storages; Buried Containers; Outdoor Storage Cellars; Outbuildings, 3 Indoor Storages: Modern Basements - Windows with wells, Bulkhead; Basement Storage Room - Construction, Operation; Attics; Pantries; Unheated Rooms and Closets, 4 Harvesting and Handling Produce for Storage: Packing Materials; Timing of Storage; Use of Stored Produce, 5 Specific Storage Conditions: Vegetables; Fruits; Other Stored Foods - Cheese, Canned Goods, Nuts, 6 Plans: Exterior Storage Cellars; Interior Storage Room, 7 For Further Reading

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