Growing Michigan Agriculture Proceedings

Proceedings from the Growing Michigan Agriculture Conference, held Jan. 24, 2013 at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Mich. Note that files are large and may take a few minutes to load. 

Recruiting, Hiring and Keeping Topnotch Labor 
Dr. Bernie Erven, The Ohio State University

Emerging Food Safety Issues: What are the Opportunities?
Dr. Julie Funk, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Precision Ag Technology
Dr. Joe D. Luck, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Managing Soil to Improve Infiltration and Water Holding Capacity
Dr. Ronald Reicosky, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Station (Emeritus)

Feeds, Price and Volatility
Michigan State University Extension

Farm Bill Extension
Dr. Dave Schweikhardt, Michigan State University