Farm-to-Pizza lesson plan

Farm-to-Pizza handout Lesson Plan

Everyone knows about farm-to-table or farm-to-fork, but kids will really get engaged with MSU Extension’s Farm-to-Pizza lesson plan. It is a fun, hands-on lesson plan to help connect elementary school students with locally grown foods—including the foods that make up one of their favorite dishes—pizza!

The lesson plan can be easily adapted to all grade levels—even adults. However, this lesson plan is written with K-4th-grade students in mind.

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This farm-to-pizza presentation will get students excited about making their own pizza with locally grown food while also educating them about fruits and vegetables, Michigan-grown foods, and what kind of foods can make students healthy and strong.

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Take-Home Handout

After students make pizza in class they can also take home this farm-to-pizza handout, which lets them know how they can take common at-home ingredients and make a simple, healthful pizza for themselves.

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