Experience 4-H with the Experiential Learning Model Workshop Kit (4H1681)

Experience 4-H with the Experiential Learning Model Workshop Kit (4H1681)

Experiential learning helps youth to be engaged in their own experiences. Rather than telling youth what they should learn and how they should feel about an experience, they have the opportunity to discover their own learning through a guided process.

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This workshop kit is designed for 4-H and other youth group leaders and volunteers that want to understand and apply the Experiential Learning Model to their current work with youth. This workshop kit includes a workshop CD with all materials needed including facilitator guide, instructor resources, PPT presentation, hands-on learning activities, participant handouts and evaluation. The workshop is designed to be done in three time formats of 30, 60, and 90 minute options so that adult participants come away with a solid understanding of the experiential learning model and how to apply it to their work with youth. An overview for each option is included on the workshop CD. The kit also includes a sample of the 4-H Experiential Learning Model Pocket cards.


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