Diseases of Tree Fruits in the East (NCR045)

Diseases of Tree Fruits in the East (NCR045)

This is a comprehensive bulletin that describes disease cycles and symptoms for most of the economically important diseases of apple, pear, and stone fruits. Most diseases described are complimented with excellent color photos that are helpful in diagnosis

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Disease topics can be researched by the type of fruit the tree bears.

Pome fruits: apple scab, fire blight, rust diseases, powdery nildew, black rot, white rot, bitter rot, sooty blotch and flyspeck, alternaria blotch, pear scab, fabraea leaf spot, blister spot, calyx-end and dry-eye rots, black pox, boltch, x-spot, apple mosaic, stony pit of pear, nectria twig blight, nectria canker, leucostoma canker, blossom blast of pear, thread blight, necrotic leaf blotch, soft rot/blue mold, gray mold, bull’s-eye rot, moldy core, phytophtora root and crown rot, white root rot, black root rot, southern blight.

Stone fruits: american brown rot, european brown rot, cherry leaf spot, peach scab, bacterial spot, peach leaf curl, plum pockets, black knot of plum, powdery mildew of cherry, powdery mildew/rusty spot of peach, fusicoccum canker, gummosis, bacterial canker, silver leaf, peach perennial canker, anthracnose, rhizopus rot, gilbertella rot, alternaria fruit rot, peachtree short life, crown gall, verticillium wilt, armillaria and clitocybe root rots, phytophthora root and crown rot, x-disease, prunus stem pitting/prune brownline, peach rosette mosaic, prunus necrotic ringspot, sour cherry yellows, green ring mottle.


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