Diseases and Insects in Michigan Cucurbits and their Management (E3276)

This bulletin describes the multiple diseases that affect cucurbit crops.


Cucurbit crops are an important component of the processing and fresh market vegetable industry in Michigan. There are many plant pathogens that can affect these crops and cause significant economic loss if left untreated. Downy mildew is an airborne pathogen that has been an annual threat to cucumber production in Michigan since 2005 and needs to be intensively managed to prevent catastrophic losses. Phytophthora blight affects all commercially available cucurbit cultivars. The fruit rot phase of this disease can be especially challenging to manage due to direct contact of fruit with the soil and the dense foliar canopy that precludes thorough fungicide coverage of the fruit. Anthracnose and angular leaf spot are sporadic in Michigan, but can be devastating in certain years and environmental conditions.


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