Certified Natural Shoreline Professional Training Manual (E3109)

Certified Natural Shoreline Professional Training Manual (E3109)

Michigan’s abundance of inland lakes provides seasonal and year-round waterfront living for many Michigan citizens.

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Introduction to this course

Chapter 1 — Lakes and their shorelines

Chapter 2 — Characteristics and benefits of natural shorelines

Chapter 3 — Problems with shoreline development

Chapter 4 — Soils in the shoreline environment

Chapter 5 — Shoreline ecosystems, communities and native plants

Chapter 6 — Plant biology, stock and selection

Chapter 7 — Water law and shoreline permits

Chapter 8 — Assessing erosion on shoreline properties

Chapter 9 — Materials and techniques for creating a natural shoreline

Chapter 10 — Designing natural shoreline

Chapter 11 — Monitoring and maintenance

Chapter 12 — Natural shoreline case studies

1. Gull Lake, Kalamazoo County

2. Paw Paw Lake, Berrien

3. Klinger Lake, St. Joseph County

4. Beadle Lake, Calhoun County

5. Detroit River System, Wayne County

Glossary of terms




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