“Alpena”: A New Navy Bean Variety for Michigan (E3249)

New upright full-season navy bean variety suited for direct harvest. Exhibits uniform maturity coupled with good plant dry down at maturity. Matures in 99 days ahead of most current navy bean varieties. Suited for northern production areas.

‘ALPENA’ is a new erect, highyielding navy bean variety from Michigan State University (MSU) that combines unique characteristics for bean producers. This full-season maturing variety has an upright, short vine growth habit. The upright narrow plant profile, combined with resistance to lodging, makes ‘Alpena’ suitable for direct harvest under narrow row production systems. ‘Alpena’ matures a few days earlier than current varieties and exhibits good dry down when compared to the persistent green stem characteristics exhibited by current navy bean varieties at harvest. It resembles ‘Indi’ best in dry down and agronomic traits but has out-yielded ‘Indi’ by 7% over 22 locations. ‘Alpena’ shows excellent resistance to lodging equivalent to ‘Merlin’ and better standability than ‘Medalist’, ‘T-9905’ and ‘Vista’. It is equivalent to ‘Medalist’ and ‘Merlin’ in tolerance to white mold and is resistant to strains of bean rust and bean common mosaic virus (BCMV) present in Michigan. The seed of this variety is similar in size to that of ‘Medalist’ and possesses similar canning properties.


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