Academic-Year Hosting Programs

Host a foreign student who will attend a year of high school in Michigan!  Students come from either Japan, Korea, or from our Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX). The FLEX students hail from Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Moldova, Estonia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.  The U.S. Dept. of State sponsors our FLEX students in a competitive scholarship program. These exchange students are finalists in the top 2-4% of the applicant pool.  You can request age, gender, and country of your student.  Coming soon, a list of available students at… .

All of our host families are supported by our County 4-H Coordinators, Volunteers, and our Michigan State 4-H staff.  Our host families can assist in selecting their exchange student.  Once screened, our families have access to 43 page files on our students in order to select a good match.  We offer a family orientation during the summer with helpful books and information packets. During the school-year, your local coordinator keeps in regular contact.  We request families and students submit an online monthly report, which takes about 5 mins.  In January, our host families are invited to an all-costs-covered midterm event. Our exchange students and their host siblings are also invited to join our other 4-H civic activities: Youth Leadership and Global Citizenship Spectacular in January; Capitol Experience in March; etc.

Help make their year in Michigan a rewarding one.

For questions or additional details, contact

D’Ann Rohrer,   Mason County Michigan State University Extension Office, 111 South Main Street, Scottville, MI 49454

Phone: 231-757-4789      E-mail:


Application Materials

To apply, host families submit an application and two disclosure forms (criminal history check and financial) to D’Ann Rohrer - either email or street address above.  Heather Gray, 4-H International Exchange Coordinator, can help you with the rest of the application: high school acceptance, references, home photos, and home interview. Heather can also send you a complete paper application by mail. Contact her at, at MSU with any questions. 


Disclosure Form

Financial Disclosure

Host Family Reference Form

High School Acceptance Form

Travel Release Form

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