A Practical Guide to Scouting Apple Orchards DVD (DVD273)

A Practical Guide to Scouting Apple Orchards DVD (DVD273)

Growers can watch the DVD, plan this year's IPM scouting program, use the pocket guide in the orchard for easy reference and then return to the DVD for management advice or a review of tactics.

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Pest management programs have been increasing in complexity. This DVD is designed to give apple growers and consultants easy access to information that helps de-mystify the pest management decision-making process. The 90-minute DVD is divided into 21 modules covering topics from choosing a weather monitoring system to discussions on degree-day models and monitoring primary disease and insect pests. The DVD can be viewed in one sitting, but is designed more for those who want to learn about specific topics at any point during the growing season by simply choosing the desired tracks from the DVD menu.


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