Sample Ordinances Regulating Medical Marijuana Facilities

This document summarizes, for each potential zoning scenario, the municipal ordinance framework applicable to authorizing and regulating medical marijuana facilities under the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act.

This bulletin provides a sample police power ordinance for authorizing one or more types of medical marijuana facilities in a municipality under the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, MCL 333.27101 et seq. (“MMFLA”), and the sample zoning ordinance amendments that should be adopted with it to regulate the location of the facilities and establish standards for approval. The following is offered as sample ordinance or ordinance amendment language. It is intended as a starting point for a community to use when considering this issue. This is a sample, meaning that it is not a definitive recommendation by the authors or MSU Extension. A sample is a starting point for discussion and development of an ordinance, ordinance amendment, or zoning ordinance amendment that is appropriate for a particular community. Conversely a model ordinance, or amendment, would be presented as the ideal or utopia intended as a recommended approach. This is not a model ordinance, or ordinance amendment. That means any numerical standard (dimensional standard) offered in the sample zoning amendment is just a starting point for discussion. Often there is already discussion about the standard in the commentary which is intended to provide a community with information to decide what the numerical standard should be for a particular community.

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