4-H Life Skills Pocket Cards (4H1644B)

This set of durable 3x5 pocket-sized cards helps 4-H and other youth group leaders understand how working in various project areas can help young people develop life skills such as goal setting, citizenship, conflict resolution and leadership. These pocket cards are designed to travel with you while you are working with youth to help apply life skills into existing programs. They also compliment the Promoting Life Skills Through 4-H Projects Workshop Kit sold separately. (15 cards, 2012)

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Life skills are a basic foundation that prepare youth for success in life.  The goal of Michigan 4-H Youth Development is that every youth possess the necessary lifeLife Skills Cards Pictures skills to be successful and lead a productive life.  Through the motto of, learn by doing and the experiential learning model, youth involved in Michigan 4-H programs are gaining life skills through project, experiences and opportunities that 4-H offers.

These 15 pocket-sized cards help 4-H and other youth group leaders better understand basic components of how working in various project areas can help young people develop such key life skills as goal setting, responsible citizenship, conflict resolution and leadership. Each includes age-appropriate discussion questions that can be used with youngsters between ages five and 19. 


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