Wind Basics

Wind energy is the fastest-growing form of electric energy in the U.S.  More wind energy capacity was installed in the U.S. in recent years than any other type of electrical generation.  Wind is clean, uses no water, does not contribute to climate change and is becoming a larger part of an increasingly diverse energy economy in the U.S.  Wind energy is also helping to re-start American manufacturing, as more wind energy tower, blade and component businesses are cropping up to meet the growing demand for wind turbines. 

Wind energy is measured in terms of megawatts (MW), and one megawatt of wind energy is typically enough to provide the electrical energy for 250 - 300 homes.   The U.S. is approaching 30,000 MW wind energy, providing enough electricity to power  7.5 - 9 million home annually.  Industry experts esimate that 20% of the United State’s electricity needs could eventually be generated from wind.  Some European countries such as Denmark and Spain have already met or exceeded that level of wind energy. 

Michigan has the 14th highest potential for wind energy generation among the states, and is working to catch  up to its potential. New wind developments are being installed, and you can view Michgan’s current wind project list and comparison with other states’ wind energy development here at the American Wind Energy Association’s wind project map.

MI Wind Maps

MI Wind Installations