Anemometer Loan Program

The Michigan Anemometer Loan Program was initially established by the Department of Energy’s Midwest Regional Office in conjunction with the Michigan Energy Office with the goal of spurring wind development in the State of Michigan by providing better wind data to decision makers.  Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station is responsible for administering this program with assistance from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  The program has been expanded through additional grants.  At present, the project administers the following anemometer systems:
    10   30-meter towers (data collected at 30 meters)
      2  60-meter towers (data collected at 60, 50 & 40 meters)
      9  Tall towers (120 or 100 meters in height; data collected at 120, 100, 80 & 60 meters)

The 30-meter towers for measuring wind resources for small wind systems.  They are available for loan for a year’s time.  If interested, download the application form (available above).  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis each time an anemometer becomes available.  Because of the limited number of these systems, not all demands for use of these systems can be met and a selection process is used to determine the next installation location.

The Michigan Anemometer Loan Program has been collecting data for more than four years.  You will find summary charts and data for the various sites are stored under the “DATA” tab.  The data are stored by county location and anemometer type (e.g., 30-meter, 60- meter & tall tower).