Healthy Soil ‒ Dig a Little, Learn a Lot

''''Get to the bottom of soil health by viewing a root pit. Learn how management practices above ground can produce vast differences in soil health beneath the ground’s surface. See how cover crop usage and a diversified crop rotation create better functioning, healthier soil that’s dark, crumbly and porous. Learn how to have soil that’s home to worms and other organisms that squirm, creep, hop or crawl and that has the right amount of air, water and organic matter for microorganisms to thrive and for plants to grow. Dig a little and learn a lot about healthy soil from the bottom up. Dean Baas, MSU Extension sustainable agriculture educator, will teach this session. 

Dean Baas

MSU Extension
St Joseph County612 E Main St.
Centreville MI 49032 US
Phone: 269-467-5646
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Dean Baas, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension sustainable agriculture educator, is involved in cover crop, soil health and organic agriculture research and education. Farmers and commodity groups are an integral part of his projects and programs. He is a member of the Midwest Cover Crops Council Executive Committee and is the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education coordinator for Michigan.

He has a Ph.D. in environmental geosciences, and biosystems and agricultural engineering, and a B.S. in agricultural engineering from MSU. Prior to returning to MSU for graduate study, he had a 20-year career with the Kellogg Company.

Session assistant:

Lisa Tiemann

Assistant Professor
Plant And Soil Sci 
1066 Bogue St Room A564 
East Lansing MI 48824 US
Phone: 517-353-0487
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