Get Water and Nutrients Where You Want With Drainage Management

Examine how soil drainage strategies not only help improve the bottom line but also improve overall water quality. Larry Brown, professor in The Ohio State University’s Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, will showcase the benefits and impacts of sub-surface drainage, controlled drainage structures, bio-filters, sub-irrigation and more. Walk away with new tools and techniques to make better drainage decisions for specific soil types and field topography. 

Larry C. Brown

Office: 214 Agricultural Engineering 590 Woody Hayes Drive
Phone: 614-292-3826
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Larry C. Brown, professor and Extension agricultural engineer, has been on the faculty of The Ohio State University since 1988. He is a native of Tennessee, where he worked as a public health environmentalist and soils specialist before pursuing his engineering degrees. His primary research, extension and teaching activities at Ohio State are in agricultural water management, which includes drainage, controlled drainage, sub-irrigation, micro-irrigation, erosion and sediment control, agricultural impacts on water resource quality and quantity, agricultural constructed wetlands and water resources education. He leads the internationally known Overholt Drainage Education and Research Program and the annual Overholt Drainage School, and serves as the executive director of the International Program for Water Management in Agriculture. He also has conducted water management project work in Uganda, East Africa, South Africa and India, and has a number of on-going projects in China.