Focus on Soils Sessions

MSU‘s Agriculture Innovation Day: Focus on Soils was an educational field day that delivered cutting-edge information on soil health topics ranging from nutrient management and soil quality to compaction and tile technology. Farmers had an opportunity to hear science-based expertise and see the results of various techniques on both crop growth and soil quality. They also learned about the soil testing and plant diagnostics resources offered by MSU. CCA credits in soil and water were available.

Presentations include:

Healthy Soil ‒ Dig a Little, Learn a Lot

Successful Cover Crops From Seed Selection to Planting Techniques 

How Do Your Soils Handle Rain? Understand the Impact of Rainfall on Various Tillage and Cropping Systems

Making the Most of Your Nitrogen and Your Dollar

Save Money and Protect Your Watershed with Wise Phosphorus Decisions

Make Your Soil Smoke and Load Your Tool Box for Optimum Soil Health

Reducing Compaction (and Increasing Profits) With the Right Tires, Air Pressure and Weight Distribution

Digging into the Science of Soil Compaction: How to Prevent, Detect and Alleviate Soil Compaction

Get Water and Nutrients Where You Want With Drainage Management