For Master Gardener Trainees

Participants in current Master Gardener Training Program may view the following videos to make up classes missed or review class content. Videos are password protected. Individual trainees can obtain the password for the specific training materials from their local coordinator. 

MG001 Plant Science

Part 1 Introduction to Horticulture

Part 2 Plant Cell 

Part 3 Plant Organs 

Part 4 Plant Physiology – How Plant Work/Processes 

Part 5 Plant & Their Environment  

Part 6 Temperature 

Part 7 Plant Hormones

MG002 Soils    

Part 1 What is soil? composition & physical properties  

Part 2 Soil chemical properties (nutrients, fertilizers, pH etc.) 

MG003 Annuals and Perennials   

Part 1 Planting: light, soils, design and plant selection 

Part 2 Care and maintenance: watering, mulching, weed control, rotation cover crops, bloom times, etc. 

Part 3 Herbaceous perennial examples, ornamental grasses, native plants, hardiness and hardy perennials 

Part 4 Invasive plants and plant selection 

MG004 Woody Ornamentals


Plant Type

Site Considerations Part 1

Site Considerations Part 2

Physical and Ornamental Plant Characteristics

Purchasing Plants

Planting Woody Ornamentals

Pruning Basics

Pruning Guidelines

MG005 Lawns 

Part 1 A year in turf: what to expect at various times of year    

Part 2 A year in turf: what to expect at various times of year 

Part 3 Species

Part 4 Mowing 

Part 5 Soils & cultivation 

Part 6 Fertilization

Part 7 Weeds, raking & mulching 

Part 8 Pest & other things grubs, moles, dogs, etc. 

MG006 Vegetable Gardening    

Part 1 Benefits of vegetable gardening, classification, warm vs cool season crops 

Part 2 Planning 

Part 3 Pre-planting preparation soil improvement, weeds, fertilization, tilling, and cover crops 

Part 4 Growing transplants at home and planting 

Part 5 Maintenance: fertilization, mulches, weed control, watering etc. 

Part 6 Pests & other things 

Growing Culinary Herbs:  

MG007 Small Fruit 

Part 1 Intro, site selection, references, strawberries 

Part 2 Blueberries 

Part 3 Brambles: raspberries & blackberries 

Establishing Brambles: Planting, pruning, pests, etc. 

Part 4 Currants & Gooseberries, hardy kiwi, goji, Saskatoon/Juneberry, etc. 

Part 5 Grapes site, plant parts, varieties, pruning, etc. 

Intro to Grape Growing: the plant 

MG008 Tree Fruit 

Tree Fruit Bob Tritten: (New curriculum)

Part 1 Introduction, growing systems, industry trends, rootstocks, weeds 

Part 2 Training and pruning 

Part 3 Continuation of pruning principles and discussion of systems 

Part 4 Apple vertical axe growing system training & pruning 

Part 5 Apple vertical axe system cont. 

Part 6 Training peaches to vertical x or y system

Part 7 Peaches: introduction, primarily pruning 

MG009 Plant Health Care (Integrated Pest Management)

Part 1 Planning & plant placement, site preparation & establishment, species selection, cultural practices, & pest management strategies   

Part 2 Insects, diseases, beneficial, vertebrate pests, IPM principles, etc. 

MG010 Indoor Plants

Part 1 Arrangement, light, temperature, humidity, drainage fertilization, plant types 

A trip to the Greenhouse: propagation 

MG011 Household and Nuisance Pests

Household Pests Gretchen Voyle: (New curriculum)

Part 1 Structural, fabric & pantry pest, ants 

Part 2 Year round occupants: roaches, book lice, larder beetles, drain flies etc.

Part 3 Summer invaders: flies, strawberry root weevil, earwigs, springtails, millipedes, etc. 

Part 4 Fall invaders: Box elder bugs, Asian lady beetle, cluster flies, grain beetles, etc.  

Part 5 Winter cutworms, stone flies, spiders, wasps 

Part 6 Submitting samples photos etc.