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4-H Youth Mentoring

4-H Youth Mentoring

Young people are matched with a trained, caring mentor who provides friendship and support to help them navigate life and make healthy life choices. MSU Extension’s structured mentoring relationships occur in both one-on-one, peer and group mentoring scenarios and are supported by professional mentoring curriculums. Support and professional development is also available for youth mentoring professionals.

Michigan State University Extension youth mentoring programs include Michigan 4-H Youth Mentoring, Journey 4-H Youth Mentoring, 4-H Tech Wizards, Wayne County 4-H Mentoring, STOMP, Key Mentoring, Macomb County Mentoring, Osteochamps, Montmorency 4-H Mentoring, Journey 4-H: The Outdoor Challenge, Clinton County 4-H Mentoring and 4-H Tribal Youth Mentoring.

For more information about MSUE youth mentoring, visit 4-H Youth Mentoring on the Michigan 4-H website. For youth or parents who think a mentoring relationship might be beneficial, visit Need a Mentor? If you are interested in becoming a mentor, visit Prospective Mentors.

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  • 4-H Mentoring Weekend

    Jul 22, 2016 – Jul 24, 2016 | Kettunen Center, 14901 4-H Drive, Tustin, MI, 49688

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