Michigan Wood Energy

Why Invest in Wood Energy?

  • On a global scale, it is renewable, carbon neutral and reduces reliance on fossil fuels
  • On a regional scale, it creates local, rural jobs that cannot be outsourced and keeps energy investment in Michigan
  • On a personal scale, it saves you money every month on your heating bills

The waste heat from U.S. power generation exceeds the combined total national energy use in all but three of 216 countries. One could think that this is an important problem.  It’s also an avenue for great opportunity. 

How Can Wood Energy Work for You?   

Read about potential advantages in a one-page document.

In Your Home
In Your Workplace
In Your Community
In Your Region
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About the Michigan Wood Energy Team

The Michigan Wood Energy Team assesses Michigan’s woody biomass supplies, energy infrastructure, and community readiness related to wood energy. We also provide educational resources related to the use of wood energy in Michigan, and provide supporting materials for the installation of demonstration systems for wood energy combined heat and power or district heating and cooling systems at the institutional or small community scale. Learn more about our mission and our members.

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