Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Since 2010, there has been renewed interest in oil and gas exploration in Michigan. Improved drilling and well development technology, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has led to additional oil and gas discoveries in numerous counties in the lower peninsula, increasing the demand for oil and gas leases, and offers to purchase mineral rights. This page is designed to help landowners and local officials learn more about oil and gas leasing, the issues related to oil and natural gas exploration and sources of information.

Upcoming landowner meetings

MSU Extension sponsors public meetings for landowners to educate them on the following topics:

  • Regulation of the Michigan oil and gas industry
  • Advances in drilling technology
  • Understanding the standard oil and gas lease
  • Negotiating changes to the oil and gas lease
  • Legal considerations in oil and gas Leasing

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Oil and gas leasing videos

Understanding and Negotiating the Oil and Gas Lease
Recorded in August 2013 by MSU Extension Educator Curtis Talley. Includes new information about water quality protection. 

Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Leases-Tips for Owners Before Signing
Recorded in Barry County, May 2012


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