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Wind energy is fast-growing energy source in Michigan. Wind provides a viable source of energy for farms, businessess, homes and schools throughout the state.  Michigan State University Extension has been working in wind energy education with landowners, schools, farms and rural small businesses since 2004 with grants from the State Energy Office. 

Michiganders can benefit from using wind energy in several ways.  First, home, farm and business owners can use small wind turbines to capture the wind to generate power for their homes or businesses.  See our Small Wind area for more information.  Second, landowners with sufficient acreage in windy areas may be able lease their land to a wind developer.  Typically, the developer who’s interested in starting a project initiates the discussion.  If wind developers are active in your area, please check out the Land Contracts section for information resources.

Third, schools could benefit from installing wind energy systems.  Schools’ energy needs mirror that of the wind’s capacity, since wind provides more energy in the winter than in the summer.  Laker Schools in Huron County was one of the first schools in Michigan to employ wind power in 2006, and many other are set to follow.   See the Schools link to learn more about integrating wind energy into your school.

Fourth, locally owned, large wind turbines are an option.  This is often called “community wind,” because members of the community jointly own such project.  Wind projects owned by municipalities are also considered community wind projects, as the economic benefits of the project stay in the local area.  See our Community Wind section for more information on locally owned projects.

Campus Contacts

Dr. Stephen Harsh
Professor and Extension Farm Management Specialist
307 Agriculture Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
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Eric Wittenberg
Extension Specialist and Anemometer Loan Coordinator
401D Agriculture Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
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Dr. Lynn Hamilton
Visiting Associate Professor 
Room 1 Agriculture Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824-1039
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