Issue-Specific Planning & Zoning Training

MSU Extension offers a variety of programs related to planning and zoning that are designed to help the public and government officials better understand how to build and maintain successful, thriving communities:

  • Accumulated Junk (Community Cleanup)
  • Conflict of Interest, Incompatible Office, Ethics
  • How to Stay Out of Court (or, 28 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble)
  • Joint Planning Act
  • Kyser v Kassen Mining: “No Serious Consequences” Restrictions on Zoning Authority:
  • Land Division Reviews
  • Modern Planning Procedure (or, Planning Under the Michigan Planning Enabling Act)
  • Planning and Zoning for Parks, Recreation and Tourism
  • Right to Farm Act – Local Jurisdiction
  • Right to Farm Act – Farm Markets
  • Role of County Planning and Its Relationship to Municipalities
  • Septic Storage and Zoning
  • Site Plan Review and Standards for Home-Based Renewable Energy: Wind, Solar, Wood
  • Zoning for Surface and Groundwater Protection