The MSU Extension drought resources page provides timely information to agricultural producers as weather conditions impact their operation. 

Producers across Michigan are seeing the impacts of too little rain. The 90-day Departure Precipitation Map shows much of Michigan experiencing below normal rain in early August. This is a critical time for grain fill in soybeans and has most-likely already reduced corn yields. The map also shows that not all areas of the state are short on rainfall. In fact, as you look at Enviro-Weather stations across the state, precipitation during the growing season is normal to nearly 7 inches below the 5-year average. We know there will be producers who will be impacted by the lack of moisture and MSU Extension is committed to providing timely information to address the changing needs of the grower. As the season unfolds look to the Weather-Drought resource page for information.


The following resources are aimed at helping people respond to drought conditions. To jump to a specific section click the links below: