Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities

Wow!  What a great state-wide conference in Port Huron! 

Hats off to the entire community and planning teams for making the conference a success.

When the dust settled, we had 138 participants representing 2 countries, 5 states, 27 counties and 58 communities.  Our biggest event yet!

Programming included 26 breakout sessions and 3 outstanding keynote speakers; as well as an amazing evening networking event. 

And of course, our signature “embedding the sessions” into local businesses for this outstanding walkable conference.  A big hit with the attendees.

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But don’t take our word for it…here are some comments from the participants:

“Last year we came with two of us, this year three, and I think next year we will bring the whole team.  It makes sense to bring everyone, rather than spending so much time for weeks and months after the CEC trying to explain to our cohorts how insightful and valuable the information is.  Good people, sharing good ideas and having a good time along the way- what more can you ask for?  CEC really is one of my favorite conferences of the year.”

“Very uplifting, motivating and inspiring.”

“I traveled from Seattle, Washington for this conference, because my team told me “you have to attend- you won’t be disappointed”.  They were right.  The city of Port Huron and its local entrepreneurs were so very welcoming, and it was wonderful to hear how our communities are all so unique but really the same on many levels, when we talk about our challenges and successes.  Thanks CEC folks!  I’ll be back next year!”

“The CEC was a most excellent opportunity to share knowledge, expertise, and network to build entrepreneurial communities.”

“As a representative of a VERY small town, I was unsure that CEC would provide anything beneficial that we could implement in our small town. I was pleasantly surprised! I left every breakout session I attended with at least a few great ideas to make our town more appealing and attractive to visitors, as well as more encouraging of entrepreneurial growth.”

“More, more, more!”

“Loved that there were folks there from so many other states. Loved that this was a casual event with ample time to view the area, visit businesses and network. Would highly recommend this conference.”

“Absolutely loved the concept of involving our local businesses in the conference”

“Great job; love the movement around downtown!”

“Great opportunity for networking and information sharing. I found at least 3 contacts for immediate follow up and implementation.”


“If you want to know what other communities are doing to grow their economy, then you need to attend this conference!”
“The design of the program is brilliant!  Interacting within local businesses and venues is the perfect way to stimulate conversation!  I came away from the event inspired and eager to implement new ideas.”

Next year…. Howell, MI… here we come!  

We are excited to visit this great community next year and know that they will work hard to “knock your socks off”. 

The dates will be set by January, usually the first or second week in October.

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