Cashing in on Business Opportunities

Licensing, zoning, loans, inventory controls, employees relations, accounting – becoming a successful entrepreneur requires nearly equal parts ambition, dedication, and know-how.

That’s where Cashing in on Business Opportunities comes in. Comprised of more than 20 lessons, Cashing In on Business Opportunities offers entrepreneurs and the educators who serve them the technical knowledge and skills needed to manage a business. This workshop series offers a series of reading files (.pdf) of lessons for starting and maintaining businesses, with accompanying Powerpoint presentations for each lesson. The lessons are grouped into four parts and are completely customizable for one hour presentations to full class series. 

From business plans to taxes to budgeting to inventory, Cashing In on Business Opportunities provides a complete manual for starting, maintaining, and growing a business.

The Lessons You Want and Need

The program thrives in a variety of educational uses:

  • One comprehensive course covering all lessons
  • Single-topic short course covering one lesson
  • Multi-topic workshop covering several lessons
  • References featuring worksheets and resources

Completely Customizable

Divided into four parts, Cashing in on Business Opportunities groups lessons by theme, allowing users to develop personalized training to meet individual needs. Each lesson offers a narrative instructor’s guide, handouts, and accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

This program was by developed by Southern Regional Development Center at Mississippi State University.

For more information, contact Mark Thomas, Extension Educator, 269-445-4438, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)