Business Counseling and Development

The Michigan State University Extension and the MSU Product Center focus on assisting Michigan entrepreneurs who develop and commercialize high-value, consumer-responsive products and businesses.

The MSU Product Center’s Innovation Counselor Network includes professionals from MSU who are strategically positioned around Michigan as your initial Product Center contact. These counselors are trained specifically for assisting entrepreneurs who are in the agriculture, natural resources and bioeconomy sectors. Counselors will work with entrepreneurs to assess the developmental phase of their project, identify markets, innovate new products, help them make a critical go or no-go decision, and guide them from concept to launch.  

Additionally, MSU Extension educators are located throughout the state to provide business counseling to entrepreneurs in any sector. They can counsel those who want to start a business as well as current business owners who want to expand their business. To find an expert, visit the MSU Extension Expert Search.

Both MSU Extension and the MSU Product Center serve entrepreneurs through providing business counseling, business mentoring and business seminars.