Michigan Local Government Benchmarking Consortium

Benchmarking is a tool designed to help local governments improve services and decrease costs. While benchmarking is an important and useful tool for most local governments, tough fiscal times in Michigan necessitate new and innovative ways to satisfy constituent needs under the strain of fewer resources.

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“The Benchmarking Consortium has encouraged the City of Petoskey to start thinking about the delivery of services quantitatively, and has allowed us to easily compare our services with communities across Michigan. This has led us to ask critical questions about the efficiency of the services we deliver—questions that we would not have asked had we not participated in the Benchmarking Consortium.”
Dan Ralley, City Manager, City of Petoskey

The benchmarking consortium is a member developed and member driven organization.  The membership determines the service areas that are studied.  These areas tend to possess significant budgetary implications and/or have a direct impact on citizens. 

The Executive Board provides the necessary leadership and guidance for the consortium.  The duties of the Executive Board include, but are not limited to, an assessment of member needs, the creation of new Service Area Committees as necessary, the development of strategic goals, and the appointment of the conference planning committee. 

Each year consortium participants submit data to Michigan State University Extension in any or all of the services areas studied and the data is analyzed and organized into a report that presents a “picture” of how and how well each municipality delivers each service as well as information that helps others identify “like” providers. 

Organizational Plan

 Benchmarking Organizational Plan

Join the MLGBC

Joining the MLGBC is simple. Just fill out the membership form and return it to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  The annual membership fee is $550. 

The MLGBC Charter outlines the purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities of the consortium and its members.

The intended outcome of this Michigan Local Government Benchmarking Consortium endeavor is the use of comparative performance information for purposes of accountability and performance improvement.

The Benchmarking Consortium gives us the facts we need to implement a transformation of processes that is needed to serve our constituents better.”
Michael “Bud” Norman – County Administrator/Controller, Branch County 


For more information on the Michigan Local Government Benchmarking Consortium, contact program leader .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

MSU Faculty affiliated with MLGBC:
Mary Schulz, Program Director
Eric Scorsone
Mark Skidmore
Steven R. Miller