September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016
Kettunen Center and Kellogg Biological Station

The 2015-16 Michigan 4-H Volunteer Training Series is supported by the Michigan 4-H Foundation with gifts made by donors and supporters like you.

Registration for each workshop is available through the Michigan State University ANR Event Registration system.  As descriptions are built into the system, the URL for registration will become available on the event listing, found by clicking on the events tab on this page. There will be a unique URL for each workshop.  Also, included is the Code of Conduct/Medical/Media Release form required for all workshop participants.

Michigan State University Extension Participant Age Policy

All state 4-H volunteer training coordinated by state 4-H staff falls into one of the formats listed below:

  • Adult and Teen Volunteer Training – Open to adult and teen volunteer leaders ages 13 and up.
  • Adult-Only Volunteer Training – Open to adult volunteer leaders ages 19 and up.
  • Learning Lab Training – Open to kids in a specific age group who will work on project-related tasks while adults and teens ages 14 and up learn to work with the younger kids.
  • Content-Specific Training – Open to young people and adults in project areas with age limits for safety reasons (such as shooting sports, limited to 4-H’ers ages 16 and up) or subject matter (such as Peer Plus, limited to 4-H’ers ages 14 and up).
  • Family Weekend Workshops – Open to families with children ages 5 to 12.
  • Youth Training – Open to 4-H youth of a specified age range only (such as the 4-H Teen Horse Volunteer Leader Conference). The only adults allowed to register for these workshops are accompanying chaperones.

The workshop format will be set by the state 4-H programming committee and the state 4-H staff members who coordinate the training sessions held at Kettunen Center, Kellogg Biological Station and other Michigan sites. Use a 4-H member’s age by January 1 of the current program year (that is, January 1, 2016) to decide whether he or she is eligible to attend a particular workshop.

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