Get involved in research

Extension Health Research can help you get involved in more research opportunities. Whether you are an MSU Extension staff member (e.g., Educator), a national Cooperative Extension colleague, a university researcher, or community group or member.


Are You Research Ready?

In 2015, the Extension Health Research team designed, implemented, and evaluated a 5-hour workshop called “Are You Research Ready”. This professional development opportunity prepares Extension staff to participate in community-based human health research with university faculty. The training covers steps of the research process, responsible conduct of research, and how to communicate with researchers for grant inclusion. The workshop includes activities and facilitates discussions related to conducting community-based research with scholarship.

After participating in the workshop, Extension educators indicated they had a better understanding of the research process from beginning to end, and because of this workshop they will explore future human health research opportunities. Attendees reported gaining a self-assessment of research readiness as an educator, and now feel confident to position themselves for inclusion in research grants. Only one-third of participants had ever utilized an IRB-process for research prior to the workshop. As a result, next steps for many attendees included getting ready for projects by passing the required educational modules to obtain current IRB (institutional review board) certification.