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The Michigan Local Government Benchmarking Consortium hosts webinars  and workshops on issues of Performance Measurement, Benchmarking for Fiscal Sustainability and Local Government Finance in a Turbulent Economy. 

Performance Measurement Workshops
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Performance measurement is the regular collection of specific information regarding the services that local government units provide. Citizens are continually asking for more responsive and competitive government. Performance measurement can provide answers to what was achieved, how efficiently the work was done and whether citizens were helped by the effort. Balancing the fact that revenue growth is limited while citizen expectations for quality services remain high will continue to be a challenge for local governments. 

MLGBC Webinars:
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Archived Webinars:
Local Government Finance in a Turbulent Economy
Local government budgets will be affected by several economic forces that are beyond the control of local officials. The rate of the national and state economic recovery, the condition of the housing market, and international economic events will all affect both the revenues and the expenses of local governments. More importantly, the duration of the financial stress now facing local governments will be determined, in part, by the duration of these events.

Local Government Finance in a Turbulent Economy-Economic Outlook for 2013 (3/26/13)

Benchmarking for Fiscal Sustainability Series
The fiscal sustainability series provides insight to local governments on identifying areas for cost reduction, efficiency improvement and service delivery enhancement across municipal operations. With limited staff resources, prioritizing efforts is essential. Utilizing examples, these webinars explain how benchmarking analysis can identify areas for improvement and provide meaningful information to decision makers. Participants will be introduced to tools and resources available to assist with benchmarking analysis.

Benchmarking for Fiscal Sustainability (5/24/12)
Webinar resources
 Benchmarking Quick Hits       
FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Data      
MI Dept. of Treasury, Local Government Services     
Munetrix—Municipal Metrix     
Government Finance Officers Association

Emergency Manager Laws
Watch an Adobe Connect webinar recording of MSU Extension specialist Eric Scorsone giving a presentation about PA 436. Scorsone talks about all facets of PA 436, issues facing Michigan including chronic, year over year deficits, and how the new law it differs from PA 4.

 VIDEO: Michigan’s New Local Financial Emergency Law [Public Act 436 of 2012] (2-12-13)