Smart Choice FAQ

Smart Choice logoA Brief Look at Smart Choice for Health Insurance

What is it?

Smart Choice for Health Insurance is an entrepreneurial, comprehensive, research-based, unbiased curriculum designed by a team of experts led by Michigan State University Extension. Its purpose is to equip consumers with tools they need to make the best possible decision when choosing health insurance plans for themselves and their families.

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Why was it developed?

Both the currently insured and previously uninsured—200 million Americans in total—have new options for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Yet research shows almost all consumers are confused about how to purchase and use health insurance. Smart Choice seeks to capitalize on this teachable moment by helping Americans take control of their personal and family financial and health needs.

What is its purpose?

Smart Choice empowers consumers to tackle the often-intimidating task of selecting health insurance coverage by explaining the process in plain language, outlining differences in plans and highlighting the factors that may influence their decisions. Smart Choice does not advocate for any one specific plan or source of plan but instead teaches consumers how to make their own informed decisions.

Who will benefit?

Consumers throughout Michigan will be able to take advantage of workshops held in their communities and online this fall and into the future. They will improve their access to health care and their financial stability by making a SMART CHOICE for themselves and their families.

When will Smart Choice be available?

In-person workshops are available on demand. Online webinars will be available in September 2014 for the next open enrollment period.

These sessions will be held until open enrollment ends in March 2014. Following open enrollment webinars will take place periodically depending on existing demand.

Where can I find more information?

For details on workshops contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or visit for a full schedule and more information.