You are your preschooler’s most important teacher

Your preschooler doesn’t need fancy toys or videos for healthy brain development-he needs you!

Your preschooler needs you; he/she needs a loving role model who gives him freedom to explore while setting appropriate limits. But most of all, he needs to build a strong connection with you by interacting with you every day.

Michigan State University Extension has six important tips to help your preschooler be ready for kindergarten.

  • WORDS, WORDS, and more WORDS!
    • Talk about his favorite toy, road signs, really anything that you are doing. The more you talk to your children the more words they will learn
  • Talk about your child’s day

    • Ask your child questions like “what did you do today that was fun?”
  • Share stories and Songs

    • Even if it is silly, try to enter into your preschooler’s fantasy play. Pretend to drink the tea or play dolls. Let your child use their imagination.
  • Read together every day

    • Cuddling together over a book not only builds a bond but it helps them to learn more about how books work. Let the child turn the pages, point out pictures or ask questions related to the story.
  • Support your child curiosity

    • Talk about the trees or cars, read signs at the supermarket and describe what you’re doing and why. The more conversation the better!
  • Encourage Independent play

    • Preschoolers can learn a lot by exploring and playing on their own. Let them climb u to the top of the slide, dig holes, play with water and sand. Your job is to encourage independent play and to make sure that they have a safe place to play. But they should know you are always there if they need you.

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