What perfect growing conditions… but March?

Holy cow! What is the best method for holding these greenhouse plants?

In Michigan, we have learned how to grow great spring crops with poor “natural” elements. Managing water, temperature and lighting provide the tools needed to produce spring bedding plants when the outdoor elements are unfavorable. Since Mother Nature, once again, has put a twist in the “normalcy” of a typical Michigan winter and pre-spring, greenhouse growers must adjust their production strategies.

My highly educated guess is that this nice, summer weather is not here to stay. So while our crops are growing like gangbusters and the probability of the market’s wants and demands will diminish based on dropping temperatures, you need to be prepared to make decisions on how to maintain and hold your crops while keeping the quality high until the market is ready.

Temperature management is the key. “Extending Holding Time for Crops,” written by MSU Department of Horticulture’s Erik Runkle, explains some options that will help hold crops.

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