What do you do if you are too broke for spring break?

Spring break doesn’t have to be expensive. Read these tips on enjoying a staycation.

After surviving a long hard winter, dreams of carefree vacations are plentiful. Some of us will pack bags and escape to a fun-filled destination. Others will stay home. If a staycation is your destination, then let me offer guidance on how to have fun on a limited budget.

Planning is the key for a great staycation. Review your budget to find the amount that you can spend. You may be able to afford an overnight stay at a local hotel. Call the hotel directly to inquire about discounted rates or visit a travel website such as hotels.com or kayak.com. An additional option is to search websites (i.e. Livingsocial.com or Groupon.com) for discounted activities, events and restaurants offering discounted meals. However, if free sounds good to you, try these tips:

  • Go swimming at the local community center or beach
  • Offer to house sit
  • Stay up late and sleep in
  • Visit local museums with free admission
  • Stop by an ice cream parlor that offers free samples
  • Borrow movies and books from the library
  • Obtain a free pass from a fitness center
  • Volunteer at a community event
  • Play board or card games with family or friends
  • Go for a walk or bike riding
  • Explore a part of your town that is not on your usual route
  • Bake a cake and celebrate
  • Camp in your backyard
  • Find free local events (Fairs, Festivals, Community Celebrations)

A true staycation deserves the same respect for your time as a vacation, so disconnect from your phone, tablet and computer. Concentrate on how you want to spend your time without sharing on social media.

Michigan State University Extension educators want families to know there are many low cost or free activities that add to the enjoyment of staycations. We encourage families to explore the activities in their communities to save money and promote family bonding.

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